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Dhow modern executive desks by Ora Acciaio

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In ancient times, the designer word Dhow indicated a vessel with triangular sails used for trading between East and West. The word therefore recalls classical images, the same images that have inspired the concept for this system. The focal point of the modern office project Dhow by Ora Acciaio is in the capital which joins the leg to the surface, a cast aluminum element whose function is both structural and aesthetic, a perfect synthesis of material plasticity and formal levity.
The arched capital is designed so as not to create interruption between the vertical line of the leg and the horizontal line of the lower plane. The result is a pure and clean silhouette, sinuous in its curves and almost cutting in its corners, graceful in proportions and at the same time monolithic in its continuity. The available wood finishings, Walnut and Ebony, well reflect the prestige of this series.The particular combination of the various elements and materials contributes to emphasize the dynamics of the possible compositions, allowing best use of available space both for hosts and guests.
Extreme care was devoted to the complementary elements which are able to distinguish the Dhow series by Ora Acciaio conveying it an enviable personality. The polished aluminium is the distinctive peculiarity.

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