Transforming a Wall into a design object: mission accomplished

Architectural 3D surfaces Wood-Skin

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Not just surfaces, Wood-Skin is technology.

Wood-Skin is entirely customizable with parameters that can be adapted to fit your project’s needs. You may choose the dimension of the triangular pattern (for example triangle sizes of 50, 100, 150 mm) including irregular options as well. You may decide to mix more patterns or change the geometry and its density within the same sheet. You can choose the finish you prefer or even apply our Wood-Skin process to your material to make it malleable like a fabric!

Choose your Product, Material and Finish based on aesthetic and performance requirements. Choose among: Mesh Sheet, Fold Panels or Tailor Made Service. Choose your material and finish: Wood, Metal, Synthetic Felt, Laminate, your custom material choice (special veneer, solid surfacing, mirror).

Consider fire rating, acoustical, FSC, abrasion, reflectivity, weather resistance when choosing materials.

Choose your Pattern:  you can either choose from our pre-designed patterns or you can design your own and create a Tailor-Made Surface. The design options are endless, and you can personalize any installation in terms of pattern and color.

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