Our main key objective: Project Consultants, Interior Design

Our main key objective: Project Consultants, Interior Design

We are not designing offices, instead we are designing attractive places to visit, where to live and where to find love...

La Mercanti main key objective is to be Project Consultants: from the first sketches through to interior design, delivery and installation, and post-sales service. We do not only supply products but also provide designers and clients with support as they develop projects, right from the initial concept stage: this is made possible by the experience “in the field” through years of planning, distribution and installation.

La Mercanti offers a professional office interior design service worldwide

The Italian interior design service includes:

- Appointed professional interior designer who will work closely with you from start to finish ensuring we achieve the highest possible results.
- A visit to your office (or a video-conference) to discuss your requirements in great detail whilst logging important information.
- A full interior design package which includes CAD technical 2D drawings, and the latest virtual 3D software.
- A complete cost breakdown ensuring we work within your set budget.
- New ways of working: a Human-Centered approach to work and workplace.

We offer a diverse portfolio of furnishings and tools — as well as the know-how to provision them purposefully — to create diverse settings specifically designed for different people doing different kinds of work. The planning office of La Mercanti is available to listen to your needs and aims, to advise and to choose with you the best product, to realize your new offices layout, to coordinate all the competences for the project order realization, to support you quickly and carefully after the sale. Made in Italy at LaMercanti: online today – in your office tomorrow.

Good design in the workplace can elevate morale and improve productivity, promote the image and help reinforce a corporate identity. It can help to attract and retain a higher quality workforce. Our office designers offer consultation and guidance on every aspect of a building’s interior and have expertise in all market sectors, from blue-chip organisations to charities.

Take advantage of our direct trade relationship with the Italian manufacturers featured on this website ensuring you pay the lowest price on all products guaranteed Worldwide. Stay tuned.

Did you find a desk that you like? Or you prefer to be advised? Call us now!

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