Why should I buy from OfficeFurnitureItaly.com?

Why should I buy from OfficeFurnitureItaly.com?

The office is an expression of a company’s identity. Its design influences the mindset and behaviour of employees, increasing or diminishing their motivation and, as a related consequence, their productivity. Our best-in-class product portfolio is lower priced. We have researched the Italian office furniture marketplace and we have aligned ourselves only with the manufacturers whom we feel produce best-in-class products. Our large size and strong purchasing power allow us to negotiate the best pricing with our manufacturer partners.

7 Reasons for choosing OfficeFurnitureItaly.com:

  • you like made in Italy Design
  • you appreciate exclusive Italian Brands
  • you insist on working with Italian Interior Designers
  • you would like to choose among the latest Italian-made furniture models
  • you wish to buy directly from Italy, at affordable prices
  • you want Italian furniture for your interiors
  • you love everything Beautiful

La Mercanti boasts…

  • 2.000 completed Projects
  • 102 italian Brands represented
  • … the most famous international Designers
  • … the professional service of a 9 specialist team
  • … more than 20 years Experience in the field

What you will miss when the project is over:

  • the impeccable Taste of Silvia C.
  • the Extra Discount from Mirco
  • the non-stop Avalability of Antonio
  • the reassuring Voice of Silvia
  • the Calmness of Laura
  • the creative Punctuality of Raffaella
  • the organized Chaos of Andrea B.
  • the Perfectionism of Marco
  • the Determination of Lucia
  • the Reliability of Giulia
  • the unbelievable Quiet of Ylenia

La Mercanti has become a destination and a reference point for made in Italy lovers all over the world. Curious and continuous scouting into new creative possibilities make OfficeFurnitureItaly.com an innovative online showroom offering exclusive office furniture collections by prestigious designers, a carefully selected range of executive furniture, design partition walls and luxury armchairs at affordable prices.

The straight and historic relationship with the Italian best manufacturers allow us to offer great sales conditions.
Shop now! Start your search by selecting a category on the right toolbar or use the search box in order to find exactly what you are looking for.

OfficeFurnitureItaly: helping to create great experiences wherever work happens!

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