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Executive Italian desk One by Codutti

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The Piasentina stone used in One executive glass top collection by Codutti Italia, is a natural stone quarried in North-East of Italy. It has a grey color base with some red shades and white quartz striations. Hand crafted, it perfectly matchs with ash wood dyed in tobacco or silicon color. One is the office furniture collection born to bring nature and wellness in your work space. Wood, glass, steel and semi-raw surface stone are the perfect synthesis of a natural environment, reminding to a Nordic fores or a lake shore.

All the materials used in One’s production are totally natural and recyclable. Panels are made in recycled wood fibers with real wood veneer, dyed with atoxic paints. Aesthetic parts and some structural element are made in real stone extracted in North-East Italy quarries and crafted by skilled artisans. Clear glass parts represent another element from the nature: sand that becomes a waterlike surface. And at last steel parts: shiny and strong to bring light and solidity to all connection elements.

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