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Rho executive wood desk by Ora Acciaio

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Rho executive wooden desk by Ora Acciaio. Named after one of the Milan banlieues, the name Rho mirrors this disjointed panorama - the landscape of our being city dwellers - and thus takes on further connotations. Rho is the summa of various meanings and the imaginary formula for mysterious passages and liturgical codes.

The collection includes tables, desks, containers, drawer units, bookcases but in fact includes a series of individual pieces which can practically be assembled according to personal requirements: two L-shaped legs in different sizes, a biscuit or cuttlebone shaped flat surface, metal spacers/supports, different solutions for panels, feet derived from the shape of the spacers, monolithic monumental drawer units and constant distortions of all of the above. The principal material is wood, two species with an infinite range of rich combinations. Each type is to a certain extent a matrix of the others, from wengé to zebrano and vice versa. A combination which bears a resemblance to our own conditions as citizens of the modern world.

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