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Hito modern corporate desk by IVM Office

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Hito height adjustable executive desk by IVM represents a turning point in the way executive space is conceived. An open, inclusive space where the focus of the design is the individual and not the single object. The project therefore focuses on the person and not the item. 

Hito is an executive system composed of a range of elements: the table, the main feature of the collection, in both fixed and adjustable-height versions, an articulated selection of storage elements and a bench. The Hito system is completed with modular elements. The solution shown to the right shows a fixed-height table with a modular, height-adjustable round section. This is a particularly flexible solution that allows for informal team meetings over the course of the day.

Hito marks a shift towards this concept of space, bringing the advantages of the adjustable table top to executive solutions as well. Hito embraces new colours to make every space unique. Elegance meets exclusive shades, bringing new expressions and interpretations. The low light reflection of the Fenix tabletop results in matte surfaces with rich, vibrant colours. The Hito legs also showcase new colours, resulting in stunning tone-on-tone effects and textural variations. This versatility allows for seamless integration of the new colours with existing finishes in the collection.

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