For people who like playing with style and grace, emotion and passion

Luxury foosball glass table Teckell

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Life is a game. True champions play with style and grace, emotion and passion. Teckell celebrates this approach to life with its sophisticated spin on traditional games. Classic game tables are reinvented as coveted works of Italian art. A triumph for beauty and a timeless trophy for those who know how to play the game of life.

Only the most highly skilled Italian craftsmen using top-notch materials create their design objects. Teckell blends the latest technology with the care, creativity and touch that only these artists can provide. Their hands give life to these magical creations. Each part has its own pedigree, resulting in a whole that is wholly unique. With its pure elegance and diamond-like transparency, Teckell will fulfill your desire for the extraordinary.

Made in Italy at its finest - and rarest. The Teckell Collection’s artistry is unparalleled.

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