Luxury Italian desks

luxury Italian desk

Luxury Italian desks can become the protagonists of the whole room, being discrete at the same time. But how to match them at best? What are the trendiest models and the evergreen ones? How to recognize a modern Italian luxury desk? You will discover this and much more in this guide, so that you will be able to create a personalized, unique and refined workspace.


Definitely, an Italian luxury design desk is manufactured with top-quality materials, even refined and mostly handcrafted. These are predominantly desks or desks with important shapes and weight, made to last over time and to stand out at first glance. They must also convey confidence to the client, and transmit the authority of the professional who will use them. They should always be tidy, clean and as good as new. The most commonly used materials are finely inlaid solid wood, stone, marble or crystal. Italian luxury desks with only a few details made of precious materials, such as those already mentioned or in gold, silver, ivory, various crystals, etc., are also available. Obviously, completely Made-in-Italy furniture is more valuable than others.


There are lots of models of luxurious desks on the market, but the trendiest ones are definitely made of more materials and have medium to large dimensions. Particularly popular are the versions with briarwood upholstery and leather details, or with geometric decorations made from the wood of the same piece of furniture. Equally remarkable are the desks made of solid or solid wood, but with details in slate or other materials. Of course, to complete the luxurious mood of the entire office, it is a good idea for the desk to be matched with the rest of the furniture, with the possible exception of the chair. The latter can also be chosen separately, as long as it does not differ too much from the look of the desk itself.


If you are looking for a luxury Italian desk that can be evergreen and timeless, it is better to opt for a model made of wood. The dark and fine woods give an extra luxurious mood, and it is a good idea to prefer minimal and geometric shapes, better if rectangular. Then, if you want to give a slightly more dynamic and modern look to the whole room, you can choose a desk with slate or leather details, with a crystal or marble top, better if dark. Alternatively, opt for a more contemporary model still made of wood, but combined with steel or strong metals, which bring more dynamicity and lightness to the whole structure. The important thing, as already stressed, is to match all office furniture to the materials and mood of the desk. Complete and evergreen office furniture, however, is always available, as well as luxurious and sophisticated furniture that is also durable and forever marvelous.


The ideal chair for an luxury Italian desk is certainly representative, ergonomic and comfortable. In particular, so-called presidential chairs are distinguished by their materials and the comfort they provide. The raw materials are valuable, worked mainly by hand and with attention to the smallest details. Part of the comfortable aspect is also given by these cares and the conformation of the backrest, lumbar support, seat and any armrests. In short, an ad hoc chair for luxury Italian desks has to be impeccable, beautiful and possibly also with adjustments that make it customizable and perfect for the user. For example, one can adjust its height, the inclination of the backrest, etc... Not only that, breathable fabrics and materials are recommended, preferably also easy to clean or treated with stain-resistant technology. For design, on the other hand, it is always good to follow the style, colors and mood of the desk itself. By opting for a neutral chair model with not excessive padding and black color, it will be easy to find an excellent compromise and an optimal furniture harmony.


There are more or less durable, beautiful and, in some cases, even customizable luxury Italian desks. But another parameter for choosing the right model is that of safety. In fact, it is always good to prefer desks with not sharp, but beveled corners, especially if they are covered with sheets of crystal, glass or other potentially sharp materials. Not only that, you should pay attention to whether the surface is hooked or glued to the support as best as possible, perhaps by means of special clips or magnets. It is also important to be sure about the components of the materials, paints and adhesives used, because some can be toxic or potentially hazardous. Finally, always ask the retailer what you can use to clean the desk and all its components, whether or not you need to treat the wood periodically with special products. Some retailers, even artisans, issue warranties on the desks they sell or make-surely an added security and an additional certification of quality and care for the end customer.

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