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Kyo high end design executive desk collection by Martex

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Kyo, a Japanese word meaning "strength", is an high end executive wooden desk collection characterized by a refined and distinct line: with thermo-structured top desk represents the better synthesis between the tactile and visual perception of matter, combined with a unique technological innovation that matches, to an eco-friendly synthetic material, the natural perception of real wood. Leather desk create an high-level executive office where the attention to details and the design make it unique.

The whole Kyo Olmo table highlights the materiality of the American red elm wood, of great strength and exceptional structural characteristics. The desk top is very much shock-resistant and shows a natural open pore finish that makes material breathing, electrostatic charge-proof and prevent dust from accumulating. The American Red Elm (Ulmus rubra) chosen by Martex for Kyo Olmo desk, comes from forests FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, where environmental and socio-economic rigorous standards are respected.

Kyo Cement collection is characterized by the original application of cement as coating material: the result is a surface of great impact, velvety and pleasant to the touch and resistant to intensive use. The Cement finish, obtained by mixing a particular selection of quartz inert material, perfectly matches with the natural leather finish of the table top that, in the centre shows a mobile disc covering the space for technological connections.

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