Italian executive office desks: price ranges

executive office desks price

Purchasing an Italian executive desk means making a significant investment for any professional office or company. The factor price deserves proper weighting, but it shouldn’t be the crucial element in the final choice. Today, indeed, it’s possible to find executive office desks for all budgets and in various price ranges.


When opting for furnishing your workspace with an Italian luxury office desk, design is not the only factor to bear in mind. In fact, also price plays a relevant role.
The price of an Italian executive desk inevitably depends on the materials and design of the product. Generally, solid wood or metal-finished desks are more expensive than those with glass or melamine tops.
The size or the addition of accessories – such as pedestals, extensions and other service units – do make the combination stronger and more functional, but, on the other hand, drive up prices. The advice is always to choose executive office desks that can optimize work activity, without focusing exclusively on price.
In fact, the first investment must be considered from several points of view, also taking into account the benefits that the employees can achieve over time and the overall improvement in productivity and corporate image.


Italian executive desks are distinguished according to different price ranges. The cheapest are around EUR 1.000. They are solid, sturdy and made of melamine. Available in several colours and sizes, these desks can be combined with other supplies to obtain a more functional result.
Mid-range luxury office desks, instead, are between EUR 1.000 and EUR 3.000. These pieces of furniture are characterized by a classic or modern design, enhanced by quality materials and stylish details. Moreover, legs, top, and frame can be often customized to create unique and inclusive workspaces.
Lastly, there are also Italian executive desks for the most demanding, made of luxury materials such as poplar wood, steel or leather. In these cases, prices start from EUR 4.000 up to EUR 12.000 and more. These executive desks are the outcome of a remarkable stylistic research as well as meticulous aesthetic-functional work.

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