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Jera modern corporate desk by Las Mobili

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Jera desk

4866.00 4866.00 EUR Product new! Brand in stock! La Mercanti Srl
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Jera chair

1542.00 1542.00 EUR Product new! Brand in stock! La Mercanti Srl
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Jera modern designer desk has been designed with an architectural approach for the commercial and corporate projects. It is characterised by clever craftsmanship, found in the attention to detail, the original design in a pure “made in Italy” style, and its sustainability, pleasing on the eye while respecting the environment.

Jera is an ancient Celtic rune, an ancestral feature; it belongs to an era free of frills and mannerisms, an era when materials were sculpted into pure and monolithic shapes. Jera is a block of granite, a century old tree trunk, a gold ingot, a primordial mass of material. Jera is an executive corporate office line designed with a distinctly architectural approach.

Jera by Orlandini Design is a dramatic design but at the right price, it is created to meet the functional as well as aesthetic needs of young, “motivated” entrepreneurs in the commercial area. The line includes wall cabinets designed like large theatre wings to conceal the containers.

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