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Opera office tables by Newform

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While in the international environment Opera is a theatrical play of a singed text accompanied by music, in the Italian language meanings could be different: among the most used ones there is the activity with its own aim or which produces a specific effect or the result, the effect or an activity, of a concrete action. Opera is also the result of an intellectual and artistic job; therefore with Opera we intend a process, intellectual first and working then, which turns into a result. Opera isn’t a collection; in other words it is not a set of items to be adapted to the market’s tastes but, on the contrary, out of the traditional approach, it goes against the stream: starting from real needs, Newform Ufficio mixes up different types of worktops, combining them with the aluminium structure, which is the theme of the project.

The interaction between worktop and structure, design and durability, style and rigor gets to a final result approaching the idea of communicating pots. It is a physic principle stating that a liquid contained in two or more pots communicating with each other, in the presence of gravity, gets levelled in a single surface. We can easily move this concept to Opera, enhancing and, in the same time, levelling existing collections, bringing new life and energy. Opera, therefore, in spite of having been designed as a product for the office world, considering the grace of its shapes and the accuracy of the details, could be also considered as a product for the home world, normally more demanding. After all a good idea and another nice project from Newform Ufficio.

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