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Bernini executive desk by Ora Acciaio

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Bernini range of executive office furniture by Ora Acciaio is inspired and named after Gian Lorenzo Bernini, famous sculptor, architect and painter of the XVIIth century, a symbol of baroque Italian art, the man who “when portraying did not wish his client to stand still, but that he should move and talk...”. His art has inspired the levity, elegance and the idea behind the design of this series: a skeleton having simple geometric lines and rounded surfaces, with an eye to its surroundings: a continuous game of empty and solid spaces.

When designing this executive project, and before the changes dictated by reason and by production and marketing needs, we imagined a series of joints and grafts between the various surfaces by means of a multi-lobed cross similar to the “Piloni”, pillars and the typical architectural reliefs in Bernini’s designs. The ontinuous movement caused by a succession of convex and concave spaces has somehow inspired the design of a leg/hinge/joint which although subsequently simplified, has become the key element of this collection.

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