Price for an Italian workstation desk: how much to spend?

price workstation desk

Italian professional desks are usually classified into operational and executive. The Italian executive desk is often chosen depending on design and aesthetic, as it is intended for executive and representative offices.
The Italian operational desk is a work surface, designed to meet daily production needs, optimize interaction between multiple users, and use several devices and the same time.
Considering the many hours of use every day, it is crucial that the choice takes into account the welfare of workers and the best possible comfort, as well as functionality.


There are numerous models and performance within the category. As a consequence, price for a workstation desk can vary significantly. The cost can depend on numerous factors, such as:
- quality of materials
- design
- dimensions
- presence or absence of accessories
- single or modular workstation
- compliance with standards
Price ranges are pretty wide, from about 100 EUR up to several hundred. Italian operational desks are structures intended to last over time, even a decade, if of good quality. It is worth planning a budget commensurate with the purchase of a product that is superior in quality, in design, in choice of the materials, resistant and functional.
Choose also and above all based on specific and functional needs, not just design and aesthetics. Once the budget is planned, the research has to be oriented to the right balance between price and quality, always bearing in mind the purpose of the Italian office desk.
Obviously, the context in which the desk will be placed is also important: the style of the furniture, the harmonious and pleasant environment stimulate the welfare and concentration of workers.


Of course, size matters for the organization of the work surface, as well as for the space that the desk will occupy into the room.
The surface area must be large enough to allow the arrangement of one or more computers, to take notes easily, consult documents and perform all daily work operations.
The size of the Italian desk has to be proportionate to the office area, in order to facilitate movement, seating, movement of staff to and from any shelving, filing cabinets and pedestals.
Price also varies according to size: Italian corner desk, modular, shared tops, islands, plain or accessorized.


Better to spend a little more, but choose a product made according to the relevant standards, which take into account the health and welfare of workers, promoting their productivity in safety.
As for standards, they are set by the European Standardization Organizations, EN 527-I OF 2011, which define the necessary requirements for the dimensions of office desks and work tables.
In Italy, reference is made to the occupational safety law D.LGS 81/08.
The law establishes four types of heights for operational office desks:

- Independently adjustable height (customized)
- Selectable during the assembly phase
- Fixed height
- Adjustable or selectable
The choice always depends on personal and staff needs.

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