Italian office chairs: leather or fabric?

office chairs leather fabric

The Italian office chair is an essential piece of furniture for carrying out one's work. Not all models on the market ensure high levels of comfort, so it is necessary to analyze what features it must possess to be considered the perfect chair before making the purchase. When choosing an Italian office chair, in addition to price, design and other features, you should consider whether it is worth buying a seat upholstered in faux leather or fabric. Let's see together what are the features of faux leather and fabric office chairs to choose which one to buy.


Choosing upholstery for an office chair is not an easy task, as there are thousands of models and fabrics on the market. Therefore, let's see what are the main features of chairs made of this material. Fabric is one of the most commonly used coverings for Italian chairs, sofas, and armchairs, not only because it is very durable and soft to the touch, but also because it is easy to wash and clean. Since the Italian office chair is used for several hours a day and some parts of it come into contact with the skin, natural fabric upholstery is the ideal choice: hypoallergenic, breathable, durable, pleasant to the touch, washable, and above all, economical compared to other materials. Buying an Italian office chair, as we have seen, has considerable advantages, since it is one of the most versatile and marketed covers:
- possibility of unlined and machine washable;
- softness and comfort if internal padding is also present;
- variety of prints and graphics;
- natural fabric coverings such as linen or cotton;
- hypoallergenic and breathable.

Many people assert that fabric is a cheap and inelegant type of upholstery, unsuitable for formal and sophisticated work settings: a criticism that is completely unfounded, if you consider that Italian chairs in fabric are made with prints of all kinds and colors. For the office you can choose fabric chairs with geometric or optical prints, which are particularly suitable for formal work contexts (architect's offices, consulting firms, medical offices, etc...) or if you prefer a more original and irreverent style, why not buy fabric chairs in bright colors (lime yellow, orange, apple green) or with animalier or exotic prints? In any case, fabric upholstery is the ideal choice if you want durable yet practical and versatile Italian office chairs.


Faux leather, unlike natural leather, is a synthetic material that is often used as upholstery for Italian office chairs and is characterized by its softness and durability. Faux leather chairs are perfect for elegant and formal work settings, in fact, most of these models have high, padded backs, wide, comfortable seats, and wide, thick upholstered armrests that make them perfect for notary, medical, legal, etc. offices.
Faux leather Italian office chairs can last for several years and are not easily damaged; in fact, they are unlikely to tear or lose their original color. Unlike fabric office chairs, Italian chairs In faux leather are more difficult to wash and are not suitable for those who spend too much time in the office during the summer season, as it is a poorly breathable material.

Italian chairs in faux leather are only available in solid colors and usually opt for basic colors such as black, dark brown or gray. Therefore, if you prefer bright colors or prints, we do not recommend buying them. Faux leather Italian chairs are chosen by many offices mainly for their softness, in fact when you sit down it feels like being enveloped in a warm embrace that warms and relaxes your muscles. Faux leather Italian chairs with cotton or wadding padding are the perfect choice if you spend many hours sitting at your desk.

In conclusion, the choice between fabric or faux leather Italian office chairs is definitely subjective and depends on a number of factors: work context, available budget, durability, etc..., but if you want to buy a comfortable and versatile Italian chair, we recommend that you always opt for fabric ones, since faux leather ones are more difficult to clean, are exclusively solid color and above all anonymous and too formal. Faux leather Italian chairs, on the other hand, are the ideal option for those who want to sink into a comfortable and soft seat but have no specific aesthetic requirements.
The prices of faux leather or fabric Italian chairs differ slightly depending on the model chosen, but usually those in faux leather are a bit more expensive. As for price, it is worth noting that some models of designer Italian office chairs made of fabric can cost as much as several thousand.

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