Italian office chairs: with or without castors?

office chairs castors

We live in an era where the computer has become an essential item for everyone. Who works in the office and is forced to sit in front of the computer all day may suffer from muscle pain and backache. For this reason, it is essential that the office chair is comfortable.


If you work at an operating desk and need to constantly move around to answer the telephone or pick up documents, keeping to stand up, besides being a waste of time, could exacerbate muscular pains and back pain because you would tend not to sit correctly. In this case, it is better for the Italian chair to be on castors so that you can move around smoothly.
In addition, Italian office chairs with castors are specially designed to be comfortable; they have ergonomic seats that allow correct posture to avoid annoying pains at the end of the day. If you want to create continuity in the furnishings, there are Italian office chairs without castors to match for the waiting room or to be placed in front of the desk to seat clients.
Italian office chairs without castors are not necessarily uncomfortable. On the contrary, they certainly have a different shape that is less comfortable for those who have to sit for several hours.


If the office floor is in classic tiles or modern linoleum, no problem, the castors slide well. Instead, if the office floor is parquet, some extra care should be taken to prevent it from being damaged.
Certainly, cleanliness is important: if there are pebbles or small objects on the floor you risk scratching it. So, if you drop paper clips or staples, it is recommended to pick them up immediately, because not only they can get stuck in the castors and ruin the parquet, but also damage the castors themselves.
Furthermore, when purchasing Italian office chairs, it would be a good idea to check that they are equipped with non-scratch castors suitable for wooden floors, and not only: they are also ideal for polished floors such as marble. Even for Italian office chairs without castors, it is useful to take the necessary precautions to avoid damages to the floor.
An alternative to non-scratch castors is to place a special carpet in the area where the chair with castors is used in order to protect parquet or any other type of delicate floor.

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