Nordic (Scandinavian) design desks: is it the right choice for me?

nordic scandinavian design desk

Nordic (or Scandinavian), design desks are becoming increasingly popular. Discreet, evergreen, versatile, easy to match, practical and suitable for any office, they are also modern and available in a multitude of finishes, sizes, colors and shapes. Here are all the experts' tips for creating an ideal, beautiful, functional and contemporary studio by taking advantage of just the Scandinavian design desks.


The Nordic style, also known as Scandinavian, has exploded in recent years and has been adopted to furnish not only the office, but also the whole house. Its strong points are simplicity, maximum optimization of space and usability, essentiality of furniture and accessories. The shapes are minimal, sober and mainly declined in neutral colors such as gray, white, black, brown, taupe or in classic pastel shades: yellow, light blue, pink, green. This style proves to be both modern and timeless: in fact, it is able to resist the passing of fashions and can be modified at will by combining fabrics or patterned complements of all kinds. Among the ad hoc textures to combine with Scandinavian furniture, the classic optical black & white cannot be missed. Finally, the Nordic mood suggests serenity, calmness and stimulates concentration: ideal topics in a studio.


Scandinavian design desks, if not purchased together with a complete furniture, can be easily matched and combined with other furniture and accessories. First, it is a good idea to find shelvings, drawer units and cabinets that have a similar finish or covering to that of the Scandinavian desk. The search will be easy especially if the latter is made of light wood or white lacquer, or of plastic materials in neutral and versatile shades. Consequently, furnishing fabrics such as curtains, rugs, cushions, and also chairs and various accessories will also be easy to find and combine with each other, even if they are of different moods. The ideal finishes of various studio accessories can also be bright such as copper, brass, gold and silver, chrome or satin metal. In this case, the Nordic design will result more luxurious and eye-catching, while more neutral hues will emphasize the rigor and minimalist mood.


Among the accessories for desks of Nordic design, which are absolutely to be matched, you cannot miss drawer units and meeting tables. Minimal meeting tables are preferrable, especially if you normally spend many hours in meetings. On the market there are, indeed, infinite versions of chairs, but the best ones have wide backrest, lumbar support, comfortable and padded seat and armrests, adjustable height and tilt, and castors. Perfect to match the Nordic desk are definitely those with geometric shapes, covered with leatherette fabric or in fibers with neutral hues. Patterns to be abolished, especially if your work role should convey professionalism and seriousness. Say yes to metal and wooden details, as well as for lamps: the best move would be to choose chair and lamps with the same finishes. We recommend a desk lamp and a floor lamp to be placed next to the desk or a sofa. But a ceiling chandelier, or a ceiling light, capable of illuminating the whole office, should never be missing.


As mentioned, the topic colors of the Nordic style are mostly neutrals, followed by pastel colors. Perfect for the desk are definitely the former ones: versatile, evergreen, easy to combine with other office and furniture accessories. White will give modernity, freshness and can even make larger an office of smaller square footage. Black also stands for contemporary, but also for luxury and sobriety; it is also perfect for emphasizing professionalism and austerity, rigor and seriousness. To these shades you can add chrome or bright, metallic or plastic details, not only on the desk but also in the rest of the furniture. On the other hand, you can have fun with the nuances of textiles or various accessories and study objects: frames, rugs, photo frames, vases, desk accessories such as paperweights, etc... The important thing is that the overall mood is still soothing and succeeds in conveying the topics of your work and your philosophy.


Nordic desks are also very modern and, as mentioned, available in the most various shades, shapes and finishes. Wood remains the most durable and chosen material, and especially in lacquered version: white is the most popular color for the modern desk. However, this is delicate and can yellow when exposed to sunlight, or stain. That's why we recommend buying models with specific surface treatments to protect the color and the material itself. Not only that, it is good to regularly clean the white surface with ad hoc products, perhaps suggested directly by the Scandinavian desk dealer or manufacturer. You will also find models with a glass top, which is preferred with rounded corners. Also check that it is well secured: safety first.

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