Italian multi-workstation desk: rules for a productive workspace

multi-workstation Italian desk

The Italian multi-workstation desk is an innovative, practical and designer solution for functional and modern work environments. This furniture choice is useful not only in smaller spaces, but also in wider rooms, and is capable of defining the office with style. Find out all the rules to make your workspace as productive as possible with Italian multi-workstation desks.


An Italian multi-workstation desk, as the term also suggests, is a desk composed of two, or more, distinct workstations. Basically, the worktop is large enough to be divided into several parts, each of which will be occupied by a single worker. Such solutions are ideal both in small rooms, that is, where useful space should be maximized, and in large offices. In this latter case, Italian multi-workstation desks can also better define the style and design of the office, giving it a modern mood similar to coworking spaces, which are very much in vogue lately. The trendiest models are equipped with a minimum number of drawers and storage compartments, so as to make the workstation extremely practical and complete. Not only that, quite popular are also desks including an ergonomic chair: in this case everything will be matched in color and style and often the final cost is definitely competitive. Finally, among the most appreciated Italian multi-workstation desks are those with colorful, vibrant details that can play down the simple, minimalist style of the desk itself.


You will definitely have to place the Italian multi-workstation desk in a pretty large space. That is, where there is enough space for workers to sit comfortably, stand up and sit down without bumping into various obstacles such as walls, etc. In fact, when choosing a model, the first thing to consider is precisely the size of the desk and related chairs. In general, we can say that the minimum distance from the closest furniture or obstacle to the operator is about 80 centimeters. Whereas if there is a cabinet with doors behind the worker, you will have to count at least 30 centimeters more distance required. The suitable space between two desks should be about 80-90 centimeters, instead in small offices at least 60 centimeters. Of course, if your working environment is definitely large, make the most of the space and keep about 120 centimeters as the ideal distance between desks.


It is essential to have the right lighting in an office. In this way, the eye will get less tired, as well as discomfort and headaches will be avoided. As a consequence, productivity will benefit. Not only that, the overall mood of colleagues and workers will also be better, especially if natural light penetrates the environment for a couple of hours a day. For this to be possible, it is a good idea to place Italian multi-workstation desks in rooms with windows -the ideal location is toward the light source. Having one's back to the window can be uncomfortable, especially for those working at a computer; in fact, the screen could not to be clearly visible because of annoying shades on that, resulting in eye strain and fatigue. These Italian desks should be placed so that all workers can enjoy the proper amount of sunlight coming through the windows-there are no precise rules, but we recommend that you test the allocation at different working hours. It is also crucial to use diffused light in the study: a ceiling chandelier or a ceiling light are ideal choices. On the other hand, light should be arranged for each Italian workstation desk: many multi-workstation models already have them.


For a productive and optimized workspace you can also consider partition walls. These additions are very useful for defining various work areas, creating real rooms where there is enough usable space, and giving rooms dynamism without sacrificing comfort and usability. Italian multi-workstation desks can be easily combined with these partitions, which are available in endless sizes and models. Fixed, of different heights, movable by casters, modular, made of glass, Plexiglas or technological material: there are many variations of them to create your dream office. Of course, even in this case, evaluate in detail the available square footage and perhaps get help from a designer, the staff of the store or online retailer.


Another way to make office environments practical, design-oriented, but above all functional, productive and cutting-edge is to take advantage of the topics of resimercial design. This new branch of interior design, of American origin, combines the comfort of some domestic furnishings and accessories with the functionality and rigor of others that are purely commercial, work-related. The marriage of these two different ways of experiencing spaces results in welcoming, usable, comfortable and relaxing offices that also provide workers with the right relaxation and leisure areas, thereby increasing their productivity and satisfaction, creativity and dedication.

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