Italian modern designer desks and lamps: how to match them

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Lamps are essential in any environment, especially in the office. To best match them with Italian modern designer desks, it's a good idea to favor ad hoc models and create an eye-catching, functional and welcoming overall harmony. Here are all the secrets for making the best choice, stolen from top-rated Italian interior designers.


The proper degree of lighting is crucial in any work environment. In a studio it’s necessary to have a ceiling lamp, or ceiling light, able to illuminate the overall space. But that’s not all: definitely useful is also a floor lamp: perfect for illuminating specific areas such as the bookcase, a small sofa, an armchair or the area next to the Italian design desk itself. Finally, equally functional and aesthetically appealing are desk lamps, which should always be chosen according to the mood of the entire studio or the piece of furniture on which they will be located. However, it is recommended to opt for a single one and place it securely, so that it cannot accidentally fall off and hit the desk top. To create very eye-catching sets, you can also set up LED strips to be placed under the shelves or on the floor, but we recommend the latter only in large rooms. Illuminating the shelves, instead, will give dynamism and will emphasize books or furnishings on them.


Italian iconic lamps have marked the history of international design and look perfect to be paired with Italian modern design desks. There are lots of minimal models in neutral shades, somewhat like Scandinavian design topics: this is also why they can be combined with Nordic furniture. Lamps that are iconic but made of steel or technological materials, perhaps with bright details in gold, silver or chrome-plated metal are perfect paired with Italian glass or crystal desks. Iconic models are extremely versatile and other components of the same moods can also be easily found on the market. A lot of Made in Italy brands, for instance, still have collection and furniture in production that became iconic even 50 or more years ago. Certainly, lamps are the most beloved Made in Italy designer desks accessories that can best define the professional and decorating style of the room.


Italian modern lamps are characterized by modern, technological construction materials and plain or very original shapes. These types of devices are perfect when combined with modern and designer desks, best matched by color, shape or finish. Hanging models are also available with very simple or - on the contrary - very impactful and complex shapes, which bring together several elements to create striking plays of light. Specific and adjustable desk lamps or classic abat-jours will also look very good on designer desks, but in a less domestic and more professional version. Floor lamps in a modern mood can be very colorful or, on the contrary, minimal at most. The former should be paired with equally vibrant details, while the latter will look good almost anywhere.


In an office furnished with Italian modern and designer desks, however, more classic and traditional lamps can also fit well. Ceiling models, especially ceiling lights, are perfect if they are made of clear opaque glass and even better if they have round and well-defined shapes. Also interesting are chandeliers that recall those of the Baroque style, characterized by crystals and colored glass, sinuous arms and opulent mood. There are also more sober but still classic ceiling models, perfect to be matched with other lighting devices to be arranged in the office. Therefore, there is no shortage, as mentioned above, of abat-jours or desk lamps and floor lamps. The latter are very elegant if they consist of a lampshade made of more or less fine fabric. In this way they will give an even more refined touch to the office and break up a bit the modern and design mood of desks, which is often too aseptic. Thus, there is no shortage, as mentioned above, or abat-jours, desk lamps and floor lamps. The latter are very elegant if they consist of a lampshade made of more or less fine fabric. This way they will give an even more refined touch to the office and break up a bit the mood of modern and designer desks, which is often too aseptic.


Finding the right lamps is not always easy, but it is better to always buying quality products that are also certified and guaranteed. That said, you can focus also on the aesthetics, that has to be akin to the studio model and especially to the rest of the furniture, with a particular focus on the desk. By following this guide, you will easily find your ideal lamp style and fit it into your work environment. However, if you have doubts, it is better to choose - as also mentioned in the previous insights - lights that are part of the same collections: the whole will be more harmonious and less dispersive. Alternatively, rely on an interior designer or architect on-site, or even take inspiration from magazines and the web. You may also decide to use light lamps, while the furniture and the accessories are dark, but bear in mind that it is better to use few colors or shades in the office.

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