How to pair a lamp with a classic-style Italian desk

lamp executive classic desk

A nice Italian classic-style desk is the ideal piece of furniture for a representative office, but a desk is not complete without a lamp. Apart from being useful for reading, a lighted lamp is able to give charm to the whole room. But how can you choose a lamp for a classic-style Italian desk without it being too redundant? Let’s look together at some tips that will help you make the right choice.


Mixing furniture style is on point today, so it is not difficult to find classic-style desks in a somewhat more modern environment. This also applies to lamps. Take a look around and try to memorize the colors and furnishings in the room, look at every little detail and try to style the room in order to have more choices. Look especially at weather you can dare with colors or whether it is better to keep neutral tones to avoid a kitsch effect that is not very welcome.


Once you have studied the room, try to imagine what materials would look great in that environment. Wood, iron, cloth and glass are all materials for lamps of almost any style. If you only look at the Italian classic-style desk, the ideal would be a lamp with a solid wrought iron frame and a glass lampshade, perhaps with flowers or abstract pattern, or those beautiful lamps that simulate a branch, where the chalice of the flower is a lampshade. And why not a wooden lamp, finely inlaid with the shade covered in fabric, perhaps fine, with special and elegant decorations. But, if the environment allows, you can also mix styles a bit and decide to pair the Italian classic style desk with something a bit more contemporary. There are modern lamps on the market that can be easily combined with different styles. They always have the same fine materials but in more contemporary versions.


The essential element in choosing a lamp for an Italian classic-style desk is always good taste. Imagine the opposite situation, you walking into a study with a lamp that has nothing to do with everything else in the room. So, if the environment doesn't allow that, avoid overly bright colors and ultra-modern models that may perhaps clash a bit, and the choice will be much easier than it seems. If while shopping you fall in love with such a lamp, no problem, after all there is nothing compulsory and the furniture is sometimes beautiful even extravagant.

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