Italian cinema armchairs: buying guide

italian cinema armchairs

Would you like to create a cinema room or run a cinema? In both cases, in addition to choosing a high-quality video projector and screen to furnish a cinema, you need to think about the comfort of the room and purchase soft, enveloping cinema armchairs. Let's see together how to choose the best cinema seats.


Before purchasing an Italian cinema armchair, it is necessary to take into account some technical and aesthetic features: dimensions, upholstery, materials, functions, style, price. Before analyzing the main characteristics of Italian cinema armchairs in detail, it should be emphasized that this comfortable and functional piece of furniture must not be confused with traditional indoor armchairs. In order to purchase home cinema armchairs, you must turn to specialized companies, otherwise you will end up with an armchair that is certainly comfortable but not suitable to let you live the cinema experience directly at home. The first aspect to consider when choosing the best Italian cinema armchair is the size, as these Italian armchairs are quite wide and high. If you have a small cinema room, you should consider buying a more compact and narrower model. On the other hand, if you have a cinema hall, you should definitely opt for a small armchair that is not too wide and bulky.


As regards the seat and backrest of Italian cinema seats, a distinction must be made between cinema armchairs and cinema-type armchairs. The former model is suitable for public cinemas, while the latter is purchased for home cinema. Cinema armchairs can have a high or medium-height backrest, depending on whether the auditorium is inclined or flat. The high-backed cinema armchairs are characterized by a more comfortable seat, while the others are functional and practical. Since they take up little space, rows of seats can be created. If you want to follow a vintage style for your cinema, you can purchase armchairs with a gravity folding seat, beech wood profile and wooden armrests, and a curved, sinuous backrest. For a modern cinema, on the other hand, you should opt for an armchair with a fixed seat, maxi padding, hard plastic armrests, integrated cup holder and seat or row numbering.


The models described above can also be installed at home, but we recommend a free-standing Made in Italy armchair without floor anchorage, so that you can move it if necessary and use it just to relax. Home cinema armchairs are characterized by voluminous upholstery, very high backrests to sink into and comfortable seats. The style is mostly vintage-inspired with curved headrests, padded armrests and adjustable footrests. The most comfortable models of Made in Italy cinema armchairs have anatomically shaped seats, height-adjustable backrests and headrests, and reclining footrests - a true dose of comfort for relaxing during a film screening.


Italian Cinema-type armchairs can be upholstered in different types of materials: leather, faux leather, microfiber or fabric. Leather and faux leather are two very resistant and soft materials, truly comfortable and above all cool in summer and warm in winter, which is why they are the preferred choice of those who purchase armchairs for home-cinema. Fabric is the best alternative for the upholstery of these Italian armchairs, not only because it is resistant, practical, functional and easy to clean, but also because you can choose among many colors or prints that can make your cinema truly original and unique. Home cinema reclining armchairs usually have a metal frame and leather upholstery, while cinema recliners can be of different types: metal, wood and hard plastic. Depending on the model chosen, the floor-fixing structure or the armrests can have different types of finishes: the most elegant is armrests and wooden anchoring with colored upholstery.


To be considered comfortable and suitable for watching a film, Italian cinema chairs must be equipped with some useful accessories for recreation and entertainment. In addition to the possibility of reclining the backrest and headrest, every cinema seat should be equipped with an integrated cup holder or pull-out table for placing food or the remote controls that operate the video projector. Public cinema seats, on the other hand, must also have numbering to assign seats during screenings. The prices of Made in Italy cinema seats are extremely variable, depending on the models and the number of pieces purchased. For those to be used at home, the costs are quite high and can reach up to €2,000 for a single piece, but prices go down if you ask for the basic model, without accessories. The cost of a public cinema seat can be around 300 to 400 € per piece.

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