Hotel reception desk: how to choose the best solution

hotel reception desk

It has happened to all of us at least once to enter a hotel and immediately look for the reception desk counter. Essentially unchanged for decades, it has withstood even technology. Whatever hotel you are in and whatever the circumstances, if you need something, you go to the counter.
On arrival to ask for information, during your stay to chat or ask for clarification, and at the end to pay the bill... All other areas of hotels have evolved and slowly adapted to technology, but the front desk is always there as a kind of mother figure that reassures you just by seeing it.


Every self-respecting hotel therefore must have a reception desk to represent it. There are all kinds and they are customizable in shape, color and materials. The always elegant classic wood in all its variants, from the smooth finish to the finely inlaid that reveals all its classicism at first glance. Ideal in hotels located in historic centers that want to communicate their authority.
Steel, an ultra-modern material that is ideal for all those hotels that have chosen to emphasize technology and essential, linear environments. Thanks to the different finishes can give brightness to the whole room. Another contemporary material that can be used either alone or combined with steel is glass.
Colored, transparent or satin, this material is synonymous with sophistication. Marble, granite and natural stones are also widely used to manufacture very beautiful reception counters. Available in various colors and with really appreciable shades and veining, these counters convey solidity.


To choose the right reception desk for your hotel, you need to consider it as a whole. The style, color and surroundings, as well as the feeling you want to convey to your customers when they enter. A classic style of everything else in the hotel would clash with a reception desk that is too modern, and vice versa. Very nice ones can be found, but if you want to give your hotel an extra touch of elegance you can have one custom made with a particular shape that will be your distinctive, unique and inimitable element. Don't forget good lighting: wisely placed lights can give some really amazing effects and make your reception truly unforgettable.

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