Italian furniture for the meeting room: how to furnish a meeting room

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The meeting room is a truly important space for the management of a company: it is the room where all crucial decisions are made, especially those that must remain confidential. It is therefore no coincidence that in some offices, especially in Anglo-Saxon area, it is also called the war room. This is an environment where potential conflicts are on the agenda: whether it is a matter of minor work conflicts, or of large budgets to be allocated, the meeting room is home to the most important business movements and as such must be studied in every detail, even from the point of view of furnishings.


The furnishing of a meeting room plays a very important role in the workplace. Just think of the subliminal effect of a room that is cold, unwelcoming, perhaps with uncomfortable seating that does not invite people to stay, but rather discourages them. Such an environment will unconsciously put everyone, customers and employees alike, on edge. On the one hand, it will increase nervousness, on the other hand, it will not stimulate the dialogue. It is precisely the latter that is one of the cornerstones around which working synergy revolves. As dialogue must always be preserved and fostered, and every possible measure must be taken in terms of furnishing to promote it. In fact, a meeting room should be designed to facilitate exchange between all participants as much as possible. Hence, a meeting room table, the piece of furniture that generally occupies a central position, must be designed to allow the vision of all those seated around it. It is also important to remove any potential sources of stress from the room.


The choices in terms of Italian office furniture should definitely reflect the desire to create a collaborative environment. In this regard, the shape of the table should be as large as possible. Although most meeting rooms are rectangular in shape, it is better to opt for a table that is either oval or rectangular in shape, but with the shorter sides wide enough to ensure that those sitting there do not feel excluded from the conversation. If a television is planned for projecting presentations, it must be positioned so that it is visible to all. Additional elements should be provided to help fix concepts (blackboard and markers). Finally, it is important to remember that even in offices where there are no wide spaces, there are still perfect solutions for creating a cozy and professional environment at the same time. In fact, a few key measures are sufficient to obtain a corner furnished with everything necessary and able to host the most important meetings. The crucial aspect in this case is maintaining confidentiality, so Italian partition walls can be designed using specific Italian furniture such as design bookcases, which in addition to furnishing help in delimiting spaces.


As anticipated, the conference table is the real protagonist of the room. When choosing this important Italian piece of furniture, the main aspect to bear in mind concerns its size, which will be directly influenced by the size of the room itself. To determine the ideal size of the table, simply stand in the middle of the empty room and imagine filling the space in such a way that, once inserted, the table will not be too small but also not too large. As far as the materials of the table itself are concerned, the freedom of choice is really wide, as the style of the meeting room can completely reflect the corporate philosophy. If the meeting room has to represent a business that needs to convey authority and solidity, it is preferable to lean towards materials such as fine wood with metal inserts, while if it is a young company with a creative profile, one can opt for a glass Italian table with minimal lines and iron inserts. Finally, the seating can range from classic operative armchairs to more design-oriented chairs, depending on the company's core business.


Generally speaking, a meeting room is the place in an office where meetings between leading personalities take place. Whether it is a meeting involving only internal figures, such as a quarterly meeting between area managers or a board meeting, or a meeting involving external people, such as a brainstorming session with customers, it follows that this room is certainly the most important. This is why the Italian furnishings that make up this space must be of the highest quality, regardless of style and design. To furnish a medium-sized meeting room, a budget of at least a thousand euros is necessary, taking care to choose solid and resistant materials to maximize the investment.

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