Italian executive chairs: how to choose the design

executive office chairs design

The Italian executive office chairs, also called managerial or presidential, are synonym of professionalism and they welcome clients and contributors with elegance. These seats are dedicated to the CEO, to the person that can inspire trust and reliability through this piece of furniture. The Italian armchairs for the desk also play an essential and concrete role, supporting the employee during the working hours, with comfort and without scarifying the design. Here are some suggestions about how to choose the best Italian executive chairs and what are the feature to consider to make a good deal.


When choosing the ideal Italian executive chair, design is also essential, but it should not overcome comfort and practicality. More specifically, the style of the armchair should be matched with the furniture genre of the entire office or work environment, but above all it should be pendant to the desk. There are endless models on the market from which to choose the ad hoc task chair, and many Italian companies also produce them customized upon request. For example, some products are perfectly suitable for those who sell cars or work in the automotive field, made from real sports car seats, but comfortable and uniquely designed. Other armchairs are similar to those at home in terms of softness, fine fabrics, and an enveloping and extremely functional shape. There are even models with built-in cervical or lumbar massager, while others are definitely more restrained and comfortable, also ideal for all budgets.


In order to be able to work comfortably seated, even for several hours during the day, it is good to prefer a comfortable Italian executive chair, made with ad hoc padding and quality materials, sturdy and durable. Several brands offer different and constantly updated proposals, technologically advanced and capable of ensuring a correct posture, without sacrificing a sophisticated design, which can be easily combined with modern or classic Italian desks. The brands on the market always offer today the right compromise between ergonomics, comfort and aesthetics: this should not be underestimated when choosing an Italian executive chair. The best supplied equipment includes lumbar support, a high, enveloping backrest, armrests, casters, and tilt and height adjustments. If you want something really practical then, best to prefer models made with stain-resistant or easily washable fabric, perhaps removable covers. Just the yarn and color will be able to define even more the style of the whole office and best match the design of the Italian desk for a flawless and professional mood.


As mentioned, in terms of functionality and design, some details really matter, especially the kind of upholstery. To enjoy maximum functionality, the best ones are stain-resistant and waterproof upholsteries, that underwent specific breathable and removable treatments. There are so many types on the market, so that choosing the perfect one for the style of the office and desk will be very easy. Then there are Italian presidential chairs upholstered in faux leather fabric, which infuse a prestigious and refined look to the piece of furniture itself and the entire environment. In this case, however, as interior designer Eleonora Tredici suggests, it is best to create pendants between this upholstery and details of the Italian desk or objects and accessories distributed in the study. The color of the upholstery can also define the style of the room and should be chosen carefully: it is always better a shade that does not get dirty easily and that recalls the style of the room.


Among the best suited Italian executive chairs to pair with an Italian modern desk in terms of design, are the contemporary ones. They are produced with innovative materials, with a state-of-the-art and particularly well-cared-for equipment, and neutral, easily matched colors. These include black and white, even combined in optical textures, then gray, white, and there are also unusual models available in bright and fluorescent colors, but more complicated to match with desk shades. In this case, as pointed out earlier, they should be combined with various objects into the study or room. Finally, Italian modern presidential chairs can have chromed details, or made of different fabrics: the best match is faux leather and technological ones.


The ad hoc design for an Italian armchair to match the traditional Italian desk is equally classic, understated and professional. The best designs are definitely those matched to the Italian desk itself, by type, collection, or even just by construction material. The most commonly used for traditional office furniture is wood, or briarwood: materials capable of lending elegance and refinement, as well as that austere touch that never goes amiss in a study. However, in case you buy a new chair to match a piece of furniture you already own, the best choice is to provide a chair with details that are pendant to the furnishings: that is to say chromeworks, wood, and fabrics that give a fine, polished look to the whole. Whereas, the shape of the Italian chair should be simple and enveloping.

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