Italian executive office armchair: ergonomic features

executive armchair ergonomic

The choice of an Italian executive armchair is an essential step when furnishing an office, either to emphasize the position one holds, or to be able to work in absolute comfort. A managerial role is often stressful, and every effort should be made to minimize all unnecessary sources of annoyance. The choice of features of an Italian executive armchair is very subjective, it depends on the needs of the end user and can also significantly influence costs. The manufacturer's role is to navigate the options offered by technology and the comfort required, offering state-of-the-art materials of the highest quality that ensure customer satisfaction.


The Italian executive chair must be designed to ensure support under conditions of mental rather than physical stress. Concentration and responsiveness strongly depend on posture, and the first task of a chair is to help maintain the most correct position of the back and to do so flexibly. It must be easy to switch between working moments, when sitting at the desk, keeping the arms in the optimal position to access the keyboard and mouse and the back straight, in order to reduce the weight on the neck and waist, and other moments of relaxation. A good ergonomic Italian chair ensure the best position during meeting, keeping a high level of comfort. High-end executive chairs don’t have a rigid and straight back, but one that follows the “S” shape of the spinal column. In many cases, it can be adjusted to fit the individual person. Essential is the lumbar support, which is a bracing element, usually adjustable, that provides proper support to the lower back, the one subjected to the greatest stress in situations where the manager is required to exert maximum physical and intellectual effort.


An executive Italian chair, besides being ergonomic to guarantee the proper posture in various situations, must be comfortable as well. The materials used to produce covers and padding must ensure maximum comfort for very long periods of time. The selection of first-rate materials is essential in order to achieve an advanced, high-performance design. It is also essential to use breathable covers, which prevent sweating and do not spoil the ironing of jacket and pants, or skirts. Even technical fabrics, leather substitutes or real soft leather, can be used for maximum comfort.


The ergonomic “S” shape of the back, lumbar support and height should not be fixed in a high-quality Italian executive chair, but adjustable. Also, these chairs should provide efficient response to the user's needs without the user having to exert effort. Based on the physical characteristics of the manager, adjustments should be possible to change the position of the armrests, and especially the back support, quickly and without the risk of not being able to recover the main operating configuration.


An essential feature of a good ergonomic Italian executive armchair is the reclining of the back, even to the maximum to ensure a rapid post-stress response simply by relieving tension at lumbar height and neck muscles. Indeed, it is sufficient, in many cases, to assume a reclined position to loosen the knots of accumulated tension in a few moments. The speed with which one is able to reach the resting position is also important, because the process must be guided in such a way that it does not cause shaking or stretching at the level of the back muscles.

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