Italian executive desks: classic or modern?

executive desk modern classic

The choice between a classic or modern Italian executive desk, needs to be properly pondered. After all, executive desks are a valuable calling card for any enterprise. There are Italian executive desks that meet even the most challenging demands, impeccably organized, equipped with every comfort and with different prices.


Design, colors and materials of Italian executive office desks reflect the buyer’s taste and, in general, it is preferable to coordinate the desks with other pre-existing furnishing elements, such as walls and coverings. Nevertheless, there’s nothing to prevent a classic executive desk from being placed into a modern office, and vice versa, as a pleasant element of break with the rest of the furnishings. Often, entering an office means interacting with the personality of those who represent it. Not by chance, furniture – with a particular reference to the desk – is included among the most vivid communication tools. Usually, the classic style appeals to those who like concreteness and who work best in contexts that convey strong feelings. On the contrary, a modern design is better suited to handy and easy-going people, who prefer to work in a truly ordered and well-organized environment. Far from being strict guiding criteria, these are just general tips. In fact, what really matters in the end is to create a workspace to which one would always return with pleasure.


Classic and timeless Italian executive desks are usually manufactured mainly in wood, such as walnut or oak, also in combination with leather tops. This type of desks has the advantage of merging high aesthetical value and easy maintenance. Classic executive office desks are broadly used to furnish the offices of lawyers, doctors and accountants with taste and sophistication. Choosing a classically styled Italian executive desk - such as those designed by Luca Sacchetti or Baldanzi & Novelli - means favoring luxurious materials without sacrificing the authentic beauty of warm colors and exclusive details. It has to be pointed out that ‘classic style’ is not synonymous with ‘lack of functionality’: even the most traditionally designed executive office desks can be equipped with pedestals, storage and service units, as well as front or side extensions. Often the collections include individual pieces that can be assembled according to specific functional needs and available space.


Plainness and minimalism are just a few traits of Italian luxury executive desks that follow a delightfully modern design. Projects by Foster & Partners or Roberto Danesi, for instance, perfectly suggest shapes and spaces as expression of modernity, in which simple but aesthetically striking materials - such as crystal or steel - stand out. The strong point of modern Italian executive desks is their functionality, and today they are more often included within meeting rooms, companies, commercial enterprises and even residential settings. As a matter of fact, these desks appear as calibrated and rigorously shaped structures in neutral colors, also coordinated with natural or recycled materials. The objective is to provide great expressive power to the whole working environment. Often adjustable in height, Italian executive desks of latest generation are also enriched with tricks that can optimize spaces and successfully meet the workers’ needs. In this respect, think of grommet holes, perimeter inserts or different depths of load-bearing furniture, often cleverly combined with thin and unique leg designs.

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