Italian executive desk: how to choose the wood

classic wooden desk

An Italian classic-style wooden desk is always an excellent choice. These are durable desks, made of fine woods to last over time. Everyone surely has a memory linked to this timelessly elegant piece of furniture.


An Italian classic desk or writing desk are undoubtedly luxury pieces of furniture that are able to give charm and elegance to the room. Manufactured with fine materials such as solid wood, they are authentic works of art. In case you want to give your office a truly luxurious look, all you need is a classic or antique-style Italian desk, a few simple accessories, and your office will have a whole new look. An Italian classic desk or writing desk can also find its place inside your home. Try to imagine an antique-style desk in one area of your bedroom. You can use it as a simple support for your computer, or to sit comfortably and read a good book. Surely the room would immediately acquire an extraordinary luxury. Or you can simply place the desk in the living room, to create a study corner with a nice bookcase.


This kind of Italian desks and classic writing desks is entirely made of solid wood, to give stability and strength, as well as luxury and durability. The woods used are the most popular ones: walnut with its unique dark brown coloring and rather wide grain, oak with its characteristic color tending to yellow, mahogany also rather dark but tending to red, and olive with various shades of brown and very distinctive grain. These are just a few examples, because there are many other materials, all of them valuable, from which classic desks can be made. The choice varies depending on which color tone you like best or suits the environment in which you want to place the desk. If you want, you can find painted or lacquered desks to give even more prestige and luxury to your office or home. All you need to do is choose the proper size and type of drawers, with or without a key to store important documents.

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