Designer desks: modern or classic?

design desk modern classic

Italian design desks can be modern or classic. Both can perfectly define the style of the office, and highlight your personality, the kind of job you do, the services you offer and your professionalism. If you are undecided about your ideal model, follow the advice of the best interior designers and discover how to realize a welcoming and functional customized office in just a few steps and with the right furniture and accessories.


Modern Italian desks include all those models that mix minimal, geometric and well-defined lines with a sober finish embellished by modern details and perhaps a frame realized with technological and high-performance materials. Most of these furnishings are created industrially, but there are still a lot of Italian artisans who manufacture them tailor-made, and almost totally hand-made. In this latter case, the price and value of the desk is higher and often so its long-lasting quality. This aspect is essential and should not be ignored: an Italian desk has to be representative, of course, but also safe, shockproof and resistant to wear and time. It has to guarantee stability and comfort while using it, as well as a pleasant visual impact, even better if it can also be easily combined with other accessories and furniture. The trendiest models are definitely those in natural wood or lacquered with neutral or dark colors and a matte finish.


Italian designer desks models with a classic mood are widely used and enable you to create a timeless work environment that won’t never be old-fashioned. Traditional furniture, indeed, especially when different furnishings and accessories are well matched, looks very elegant, refined and durable, even aesthetically, and capable of conveying seriousness and prestige. Generally speaking, Italian modern or vintage desks are made of solid or solid wood, treated with bright finish of covered with briarwood. In the latter case, the mood is extra luxurious and perfect for representative offices - such as those of freelancers – or for meeting rooms. Complete office furniture is easily found on the market and including, obviously, the desk. Complete office furniture can also guarantee design and stylistic harmony. Alternatively, it is essential to match all furniture and accessories in the best possible way, especially by following shades and moods.


To complete the look of any office and make it practical and functional, it is necessary to choose not only the proper desk, but also the other ideal furniture and accessories. The important thing, as mentioned, is to keep an overall harmony and design and to prefer accessories that are the right size and useful to the worker or to the clients and co-workers you receive. Accessories for Italian desks with a modern design should be of the same mood, so green light to minimal, geometric objects and furniture and better if they are made in the same finishes or colors. Lamps are definitely essential and they too should be matched in the best possible way. For example, along with modern Italian desks, iconic models are ideal, those that have made the history of international design and often also have a vintage look. In this case, you will be able to give an original and definitely personalized quid to the whole environment. As for small desk items, you can really range in colors, materials and finishes. To give more of this contemporary look, gold, copper, silver or carbon-like frames, furnishings and photo frames are ideal, as well as those in chromed or satin steel.


Furnishings such as drawer units, shelving and similar can match well classic Italian desks made in the same material or finish. Indeed, it will be easier to create an eye-catching design harmony by choosing furniture all created in the same wood essence, or all part of the same furniture collection offered by a single brand. The best lamps to combine with classic Italian furniture are those with a simple and minimalist design, or, on the other hand, those that have a luxurious look and sinuous shapes. The same goes for chairs, either for guests and clients or for you who will sit at the desk: opt for refined and elegant models with an austere mood. In the traditional office, accessories with silver, chrome or satin-finished steel or gold and copper details are perfect.


Whether you choose modern or classic Italian desks, the important thing is to personalize your office as much as possible, and furnishing fabrics are perfect for doing so. For example, don't say no to a Scandinavian-designed rug paired with modern furniture or classic light-wood desks. These, like pillows or Nordic curtains, are also perfect paired with lacquered wood desks, so they shield them and prevent yellowing, often caused by the sun. For glass desks or desks made of fine materials, textiles with geometric or optical black & white patterns are ideal.

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