Italian designer desks and chairs: how to match them

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Italian design desks and chairs can define the style of your office, but to make that happen, it is better to carefully choose the furniture that best matches each other and emphasize the mood and the way you work. The trendiest models, the evergreen ones and the most comfortable Italian chairs for everyday use: here are all the tips for creating an office that is practical, Italian design-oriented and perfectly harmonious both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.


Italian designer desks mean pieces of furniture that are mainly mass-produced and have a distinctly neat, modern and attractive appearance. But that’s not all: such defined furniture does not sacrifice functionality at the expense of aesthetics, quite the contrary. An Italian designer desk is versatile, capable of withstanding the passing of fashions and ideal to be combined with other furniture and accessories, even of different genres. To choose the perfect one for your office, you will first need to consider how much space you have available. A practical office, indeed, must be usable and comfortable for you and those who will visit you. So, opt for a medium to large Italian desk if the room is wide, and for a small model if the room is small. There is no shortage of space-saving solutions on the market, compact and full of hidden compartments and drawers: perfect for any kind of job. Finally, consider the ideal style: if you love classicism and need representative furniture, it is better to choose an Italian wooden desk, perhaps lacquered in white or black, or covered in briarwood. On the other hand, if your work is more dynamic and you have a weakness for modernity, then choose minimal furniture, with neutral colors and perhaps add more jaunty, colorful and cheerful details and objects.


Modern Italian desks are definitely the most beloved and sought-after ones, as long as they guarantee an elegant and representative mood, but above all, a mood that never goes out of fashion. These pieces of furniture have a linear, geometric, regular and minimal shape, with a color or finish that can be easily matched with other furniture and styles. Italian glass desk models, the ones with a crystal top and a frame mainly made of solid wood, are more classic but still in use and perfect especially for freelancers and medium to large studios. However, when choosing a crystal desk, make sure that the top is well welded and that the corners are rounded: safety first! Finally, Made in Italy designer desk are also very popular, especially among young people and women. Their appearance is sober, the colors light and delicate, the shapes minimal and, in general, they are very easy to match, even to furniture that you already have. Moreover, you can also customize them at best thanks to various accessories. They are predominantly manufactured with white, grey or brown lacquered surface or with pastel colors, but it is good to check that light tones do not turn yellow. So, it is better to choose a model treated properly with special paints or finish.


Italian designer desks must necessarily be matched with the proper chairs, and not only by mood and colors, but also, by function and practicality. For example, an Italian executive desk needs to be accompanied by an appropriate, enveloping and proportionately sized chair that leaves no room for doubt: you are the boss. Usually, these Made in Italy chairs resemble armchairs and have a high back, headrest, lumbar support and armrests. They are ergonomic and designed to sit there several hours while ensuring maximum comfort. On the other hand, if the desk is purely designed for an employee, one can choose ergonomic chairs but with a more compact and minimalist design. There are lots of them on the market that are also capable of guaranteeing proper posture while using the computer. Finally, it is also necessary to match some chairs– usually two or maximum three – for guests or clients, to be placed on the opposite side of the Italian executive chair. These should match each other, or perhaps differ only in color or finish, and the design can be chosen at will. What matters is that everything is well harmonized with the context, the style of your office and the colors used.


As for color combinations between Italian designer desks and chairs, whether these are representative or for clients and guests, neutral tones and at most patters are recommended to provide dynamism. These must-have hues are definitely those of the Nordic, or Scandinavian style: black, the whole scale of grays, browns, taupe and pastel shades. As regards suitable patterns for an office, there is no shortage of classic optical black & white, polka dots and geometric patterns. Materials can be combined at will, but with an Italian classic desk it is best to choose natural fabrics, whereas with plastic furniture, technological fabrics are ideal. We recommend chairs lined with stain-resistant fabrics that are removable or otherwise easy to wash. Alternatively, opt for seats made of plastic materials: you only need a sponge to clean them.

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