Accessories for Italian designer desks: some tips

design desks accessories

Find out which accessories are ideal for modern or classic Italian design desks, essential for making your office comfortable, welcoming and nice. You can find here all the suggestions about the right colors, materials, shapes and coverings provided by the best interior designers, collected in this guide to be read all at once. Having an office, even a small, but functional and well-furnished one will make you work better and make you even more authoritative and professional in the eyes of your clients and colleagues.


Among the must-have accessories to be paired with the modern Italian desks there are, of course, lamps. For optimal usability and illumination of the office, various lighting points are needed. Firstly, you have to choose a ceiling lamp, which will give light to the whole room, whereas a floor lamp will look great next to the desk or sofa that will perhaps welcome visitors. Finally, another desk lamp will be fine to offer that extra quid for a better visibility even in front of the computer. All these devices should have a similar and well-matched mood to that of the Italian designer desk. For example, prefer a modern, Scandinavian, ethnic, luxury, industry, or vintage style and keep it for all the accessories, even small and stationery-related ones: the final effect will be superb and very neat.


As just mentioned, all accessories, even small and stationery-related ones, should be matched to the style of your desk. Regardless of whether you prefer modern Italian desks or classically designed Italian desks, you will need functional items that are tailored to your work, but that can really give you that extra something in style as well. For instance, a notepad could be paired with some ballpoint pens, perhaps your eraser, a pen holder, a jar or one or more binders. Complete collections can often be found in specific stores, but you can also combine several items that perhaps have the same coloring or pattern, or different shades of the same hue. It will be easy, in this way, to also give dynamism and cheerfulness to a perhaps dated and too dark piece of furniture.


Minimal design objects are typically made of wood and the main colors are neutral ones, such as lacquered white, black, grey and pastel ones, but taupe is also pretty used. Lamps with a minimalist mood, for example, are definitely beautiful and practical, characterized by these colors, but also by the plain and minimalist shapes, which are versatile and can be combined with any work context. Other accessories for desks with a minimalist design include not only pen holders, but also small holders with drawers and compartments that can also be placed directly on the desk top. Iconic and very popular versions of this genre are available on the market, easy to clean and in typically light colors.


Giving a more luxurious mood to the entire office is doable with accessories and small ad hoc stationery. More specifically, interior designers suggest to opt for giftware, including even furnishings, frames and similar, in gold, copper or silver. Even better if these will match the details of the Italian desk or other office furniture and chairs. However, if you don't like these rather bright shades, you can choose details or accessories with chrome or satin metal parts. The effect will be elegant and very refined, luxurious but still professional and suitable for a workplace that is also representative.


To personalize your study to the fullest you can also opt for accessories for pop designed desk, so very colorful and jaunty, but customizable as you like. For example, there are Italian chairs with a modern design which focuses on technical details, metallic highlights and different textures to create dynamism. Even if the chair or armchair will be total black, the pop mood will be maintained and can be combined with furnishings and other objects, including textiles. Fluorescent colors, geometric and typical 80s or 90s patterns are accepted, as long as they are well calibrated and arranged within the room. Obviously, you will have to choose the right colors depending on your taste, but also on the type of work you do and the philosophy you want to convey to any clients and collaborators who will visit you.


To complete the look of Italian designer desks, whether they are more modern or classic, you can also take advantage of furnishing textiles. Indeed, there is no shortage of rugs, pillows to complete a sofa and curtains in the office. Stay true to the style chosen for the desk and furniture and prefer fabrics that are easily washable and perhaps stain-resistant. Thus, by changing the pattern or hue of the textiles you can also refresh the office whenever you want or feel the need.

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