Beauty center reception desk: essential features

beauty center reception desk

The core of commercial activities, the reception of a beauty salon is composed of a number of fundamental elements, which play a crucial role as a whole. One of them is definitely the reception desk, which constitutes one of its certainly most representative pieces of furniture. In fact, it is the first object potential clients entering the beauty center get in touch with. Even when approaching the exit, the reception desk plays a really crucial role in imprinting a correct impression in the mind in those who are leaving. That is why special attention should be paid when choosing the reception desk for your beauty salon. Below you will see some of the features that define an efficient and equipped Italian reception desk that can help you in the daily conduct of your business.


The reception area of such a business generally consists of a desk, which is usually furnished with one or more drawers necessary for storing all the materials to be used during the working day. An item with a shaped profile is then mounted on the desk, forming the actual counter. The latter represents the key point of the furniture, as it defines the quality of a reception desk. The degree of privacy offered by this piece of furniture is one of the aspects that must be carefully considered before making the final choice. The most suitable product is the one that allows for greater privacy during the reception stages. Specifically, the organizer, the item that is generally always open on a reception desk, needs to be hidden from the customer's view without placing the employee in an uncomfortable position. This feature is really indispensable, not only to ensure the protection of the data of other clients of the beauty center, but also to protect the management of sensitive information that might otherwise be visible. On the other hand, the height of an Italian reception desk also offers advantages to the client, to whom it provides a support surface, which can be used to momentarily rest what is needed to conclude the business transaction or to finalize the booking of a subsequent session.


In common working areas the choice of color palette does not assume excessive importance. On the contrary, the color is the true protagonist for the reception desk of a beauty salon. It should be made clear that there is no one color that is better than others, one tone that can attract customers and offer the answer to all sales needs. However, there are some colors that absolutely should be avoided when choosing a reception desk. These include black or dark tones, but total white is also to be avoided: as much as white helps to convey the image of a clean and hygienic environment, it evokes coldness. Indeed, it would risk coming across as aseptic, and comparison with medical environments would be inevitable. So go for light, delicate tones: light gray and all light wood varieties such as fir are particularly beloved. These colors are perfect when contrasted by the choice of pastel palettes for the rest of the furnishings. Beauty salons are often characterized by the prevalence of shades such as aquamarine green, lilac or turquoise, colors that help the body and mind relax. Here, then, a Made in Italy reception desk in light but not cold tones will be able to contribute to the overall effect of professionalism and warmth that a beauty center should offer.


The reception desk is one of the most important rooms for a beauty salon. It is possible to reduce outgoing expenses for furniture, especially with the choice of a not so expensive desk. For those who want to save money, there are many online aggregators that make it possible to keep expenses down by purchasing models at a much lower price than what can be found applied in physical stores. Even online, one can, for those who wish, opt for a guaranteed used desk still in excellent condition. In this way you are able to give new life to the objects and at the same time make a very responsible choice. Moreover, used pieces often have a completely original design, an aspect that can help to increase the elegance of a place.

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