Italian executive office desks: give the right design to your ambitions

Eos L shape executive desk by Las Mobili

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Eos italian executive colored desk by Las Mobili L shape: the importance of managing the environment that surrounds your work, the awareness of having all you need around you, to give the right space to your ambitions. Comfort and rationale, nothing is by chance. In E.O.S. you will have all you need. And no more than you need. Luxury desks, enriched by the best quality materials. Geometric forms essential expressions of a minimalist but stylish design. Fixed shelves, overlapping corners, the Eos office plays on the concept of prestige revealed by lines and perspectives of strong visual impact.

The extreme linear quality of the Eos office gives value to the concept of space and places each element in perfect harmony so that two basic rules for your success can be observed, function and prestige. You will discover that sometimes it takes very little to create the right respect. In its element in larger spaces, Eos gives the most hectic moments of your work the same importance. Meetings, opportunities for sharing and participation can be expressed in an environment which knows how to conduct them with the professionalism and seriousness they deserve.

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