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Paso Doble office furniture by i4Mariani

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Paso Doble

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Paso Doble Italian office furniture by i4Mariani: a simple, slender trestle is doubled on the short sides of the desk. A “formal assertion”, a repetition, a doubling, the reduction of a more compact, solid leg to its skeleton, to the marginal lines, to its limits. Running off from the trestles are metal brackets, also doubled and shaped like a broken line, which support a lightweight, suspended top: a sort of overhead covering of a more solid, architectural underlying construction. The entire geometry, with its subtle relations between the elementary forms that make up this range, is extremely refined, super-controlled, planned and with its own precise rules.

Like in a ballet, where the apparent naturalness of the steps and the movements follow pre-established patterns that are endlessly repeatable in a ritual way. The cabinets also play on this idea of repetition. A “formal stutter” used as a means to bring back sense and attention to the observer. The repeated element in this case is a long, slender handle in bent leather. Leather, black walnut and metal are the materials in this Paso Doble, ballet of forms, where lightness and rules cross over continuously without a stumble.

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