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Implement desk by Riva 1920

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Implement wooden desk: remembrance of what has been Witness of what is Precursor of what will be. Riva 1920 keeps and hands down the craft traditions of whom has preceded us. Innovation and technology at the service of design. Each single piece of furniture is exclusively made with wood coming from controlled reforestation areas, a daily commitment towards nature and the environment around us, a precious and an inestimable patrimony we want to preserve and safeguard.

Majestic logs of scented cedarwood, fallen due to natural events or cut down for programmed schedule, are the start point for the working process of this precious wood which is shaped by using CNC machineries with 5- and 6-axis. An innovative technology which transforms a raw log into a design object with a peculiar and unmistakable scent, and afterwards is sanded and finished by hand.

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