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Executive office desk Bird by i4Mariani

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Bird executive classic wooden desk by i4Mariani: the top tapers on its short side to the minimum thickness that is structurally possible. The shape is that of a stork’s beak or any other bird with an elongated, exaggerated beak thrusting out like a sword, a blade or a standard. The cylindrical legs open out fan-like at the bottom into slender metal structures with a gently curved conical section, like the legs of waders. The profile can thus be compared to that of a heron in the fields of the Po valley plain, immobile with its beak thrust forward and all its body weight resting on a thin leg, which broadens its support in the water with longer and increasingly more slender feet.

Leather natural, black, white. Glass, maple wood, steel, natural materials for a design that is based on zoomorphic and landscape images. The cabinets, in apparent contrast, are built around complex shapes alternating wood, leather and metal, as if in an abstract composition reminiscent of Mondrian interiors, but also similar to far-off glimpses of that same landscape flown over by long-beaked birds, where thickets of poplar trees, fields and rice paddies with their fragmentary property divisions seen from above, create complex, highly modern geometries.

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