Italian boardroom chairs for memorable meetings

Whether on casters or glides, the meeting chairs ingeniously nests, conserving floor space and maximizing storage capacity, providing the ability to sit comfortably for longer periods of time. Guest and occasional seating possesses the perfect blend of comfort enhancing ergonomic features, performance-tuned quality, and contemporary design. They are affordable without compromise, and they thrive in the thick of the action.

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Stick chair by ICF: clean essential lines

Stick chair ICF
With its clean essential lines, the Stick Chair Skid Base presents the perfect combination of features of the modern multipurpose chair, where practicality and ...

Aston design meeting chair by Arper

meeting chair Aston Arper
Aston conference chair by Arper: is available in three different back heights – Conference, Office and Direction – covered in leather or fabric in a...

Catifa 46 by Arper: for memorable meetings

conference chair catifa 46 Arper
Extremely flexible, Catifa 46 by Arper extends the palette of finishes, bases and accessories for customization to accommodate an almost limitless array of cont...

Conference chairs Sitit by Sitland

conference chair Sit it Sitland
Conference and meeting chairs Sitit range by Sitland: manufacturing precision and charming design are the main ingredients of, a classical modern where y...

Catifa 60 design meeting chairs by Arper

meeting chair Catifa 60 Arper
Catifa 60 design conference chairs by Arper adds more generous proportions and performance. With a variable-height backrest and broad, accommodating seat it is ...

Meeting chair Nulite by Luxy

meeting chair Nulite Luxy
Meeting and conference chair Nulite by Luxy: it comes in high and medium backrest sizes, armless or with armrests which can be upholstered in the same colour of...

Meeting chair Light by Luxy

Light chair Luxy
The office chair Light collection by Luxy is a synthesis of how elegance and efficiency can be matched together. Particular attention has been given to the aest...

Catifa 53 by Arper: the original

Catifa 53 Arper
Catifa 53 is the original: the inspiration that extends to Arper itself. The graceful curved seat and sleek profile are the ultimate synthesis: conceptual purit...