Design wardrobe systems to better use the space and its functions

Design wardrobes system which through a personal quality pad features all the main hints of a wardrobe system, that is to say the aesthetic arrangement, the intelligence trying to better use the space and its functions. Our wardrobe can be adapted to every environment since it can have many different looks depending from the room where you put it and from its use: each model can be characterized by a strong aesthetic impact, influencing also the surrounding.

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Design metal cabinets Primo by DieffeBi

metal cabinets Primo Dieffebi
Elegance, flexibility and customization are a must especially in management work spaces. The Primo line by DieffeBi introduces the possibility of accessorizing ...

Bookcase container Code by EmmeBi

Code Emmebi wardrobes
Code by EmmeBi: it is a bookcase/container which alternates doors and open shelving units. To give birth to this project was the idea to alternate closed a...

Storage system EasySlim

armadi metallo Easyslim
EasySlim is a storage system designed to offer variety and personalization. The several finishings of the structure: the original titanium, the traditional silv...