Bookshelf wall, bookcase and modular shelving systems suiting all kinds of requirements

More than bookcases: architectural constructions, with facades that call to mind the Italian arts, creating a fascinating contrast. Real innovation refreshes the concept of bookshelf walls: the panels give a very new sense of “visible lightness” which exalts the aesthetical, functional and up-to-date contents.

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Italian library Book, design Titti Fabiani

Book Titti Fabiani
Book is among the masterpieces of the Museum of Modern Art Jan van der Togt of Amsterdam. The library in solid wood with doors checkered, Book, issued in 1969 a...

E-Wall bookcase by Estel Office

E-Wall Estel
Wall-covering system E-Wall easily equipped with functional modules: cabinets, shelves, sliding doors, partitions. The modules expand by width in modules of 100...

Metal bookcase Big by Marc Sadler design

Big bookshelf design
Conceived almost as an architectural component, Big is a metal bookcase that features solid uprights in extruded aluminium, “T” section, and shelves...

Inori Glass Bookshelf by Fiam Italia

Inori Fiam
Inori by Fiam: the versatility and assembly possibilities allow the utilization as a show-case, display-case, TV-unit. Available the free-standing version and ...

Drizzle glass bookshelf by Gallotti & Radice

Drizzle Gallotti & Radice
Drizzle shelving system with champagne or black anodised aluminium structure. Set of vertical lacquered supports in the colours grey, mustard, red or pink, on r...

Beat modular bookcase by i4Mariani

Beat i4Mariani
The cabinet Beat by i4Mariani, veneered in bleached oak or in dark brown dyed oak or in grey anthracite dyed oak, breaks the routine with the rhythm given by th...