Asymmetrical design table Tecno
Asymmetrical design table TecnoAsymmetrical TecnoAsymmetrical TecnoAsymmetrical meetingAsymmetrical TecnoAsymmetrical TecnoAsymmetrical TecnoAsymmetrical TecnoAsymmetrical TecnoAsymmetrical meeting table TecnoAsymmetrical conference TecnoTecno Asymmetrical LissoniTecno Asymmetrical LissoniTecno Asymmetrical LissoniTecno Asymmetrical Lissoni

Italian conference table for functional meeting areas

Conference table Asymmetrical by Tecno

Conference table Asymmetrical by Tecno: big modular meeting tables where the asymmetrical shape of the colored tops perfectly match the geometrical rigour and clean lines of the supports, reminding us of modern art and recent experiences in architecture. Tecno is well-known for the ability to furnish exceptionally stylish executive offices; Tecno boardroom tables stand out for their unique shapes and refined finishes.
The know-how acquired over time has allowed Tecno to produce design masterpieces thanks to its product research expertise and extensive knowledge of materials. The introduction of technological features enhances the product appeal, which meets the highest requirements in innovation. Tecno’s added value relies in the ability to evaluate clients’ needs and manufacture high quality pieces of furniture to meet all expectations.

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Asymmetrical table price Asymmetrical € 25.000,00
25000.00 25000.00 USD Product new! Brand in stock! La Mercanti Srl
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