Transforming a Wall into a design object: mission accomplished

Crazy Paper wall finishing solution

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Thanks to their structure and compactness, Crazy Paper glass fiber textiles can perfectly cover any surfaces: cement, paving stone, drywall, wood, granular and smooth finishing walls, tiles. Most of all in old constructions whose surfaces can be irregular or with cracks and fissures, glass fiber definitely improves the smoothness of the surfaces, covering and preventing the crackings, strengthening the surface on which it is applied.

The different textile frameworks highlight each time woven textile structures, developing light or marked drawings, alternately combining fine or thick threads. Crazy Paper glass fiber textiles can be used without restrictions for applications and rooms of any kind.

Crazy Paper textile is the optimal solution for wall finishing of hotels, offices, restaurants, cafés, self-service restaurants, theaters etc. In those cases, often it is necessary to cover not just the walls, but also doors, closets, counters, toilets and corridors. The physical characteristics of Crazy Paper textiles help solving problems of resistance to crushes, inhomogeneities, or bad conservation state of the surfaces: drops, cracks, fissures etc. The considerable artistic versatility of available drawings is an additional value, making the whole package a really innovative mix of technical and aesthetic characteristics

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